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Join GiftaCoin for Financial Freedom!

With a perfect balance of Digital Products, Bitcoin Gifting & Receiving; GiftaCoin provides a fast track to Financial Freedom and makes it easier than ever!

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GiftaCoin is a unique Members Only Digital Currency Education System. Each Pro Membership Upgrade comes with access to a 2,000+ Digital Product Library filled with a vast array of educational material like, eBooks, Self Development, Social Media Marketing, Software Applications, Desktop Generator Tools, Video How-To's, Server Hosted Software Scripts, Graphics Templates and much more that can be used for personal use and resold to keep 100% of the sales profits.

In addition to the vast library of Digital Products, pro members can build their GiftaCoin Network (Train) for Financial Freedom. You simply give a Gift (in Bitcoin) to upgrade to the Pro Membership, then invite others to do the same.

Give 1 Bitcoin Gift,

Potentially Receive thousands of Bitcoin Gifts!

The BCH amount sent and received could vary +/- as the price of Bitcoin fluctuates

If you didn’t know, Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency that’s skyrocketing the internet. You can do almost anything that you do with a regular currency. Bitcoin can also be exchanged with any traditional currency like USD, EURO, GBP, etc.

The Best Bitcoin Gifting Program

Turn $25 of Bitcoin into $1,000's of Bitcoin



Learn how Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies work with our library of digital products and educational material

powerful Bitcoin gifting program

Give a Bitcoin Gift and position yourself to receive Bitcoin Gifts from 5 Levels of members

receive your Bitcoin gifts

Anytime a new member upgrades their membership in your 5 Level Network

Infinite Bitcoin gifting system

Gift & Receive automatically on the GiftaCoin Train for continual giving & receiving Bitcoins

Put Your Gifting on AUTO-PILOT
It's Free to Join!

Features & Gifts

  • GiftaCoin Train Runs 24/7/365
  • Fully Automated Gifting System
  • Digital Products for Personal Use & Master Resell Rights
  • Autonomous Account Verification
  • Autonomous Account Funding with Bitcoin
  • Self Manage Bitcoin Payouts processed in seconds, No Admin Approval Needed
  • Fast & Easy Method to Grow Bitcoin Holdings
  • Marketing Tools to Invite Others
  • 5 Levels of Members Gifts (Unilevel), plus you receive Gifts from the efforts of other members through all 5 levels
  • Level 1 - $2.50 per Direct Referral
  • Level 2 - $2.50 per Indirect Referral
  • Level 3 - $2.50 per Indirect Referral
  • Level 4 - $2.50 per Indirect Referral
  • Level 5 - $10.00 per Indirect Referral
  • With an average referral of 5 Members through all 5 Levels the estimated Gifts will be over $25,000!
  • Gifts are instantly verified and sent out in Bitcoin

"Why wait Monthly or Weekly, when you can receive your Bitcoin Gifts Daily..."

Possibly even hourly!

Are You Getting Excited About The HUGE Potential of the GiftaCoin System?

Join GiftaCoin Today


Annual Gift Amount for
Pro Membership

  • Become a Member
  • Learn About Cryptos
  • Utilize & Resell Digital Products
  • Send Your Bitcoin Gifts
  • Receive Your Bitcoin Gifts

Frequently asked questions

Our ever expanding library of education material ranges from Understanding Bitcoin, Buying & Selling Bitcoin, The different types of Crypto Wallets and basic educational material on trading Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies). As the industry continues to evolve we will add more material periodically.

For simplicity we recommend using CashApp to purchase your Bitcoin, however, there are a number of methods for purchasing Bitcoin like Crypto Currency Exchanges, click here to see some available exchanges. These exchanges will allow you to use fiat currency to buy crypto currency.

The membership fee is paid with Bitcoin.

Once you send your Gift to upgrade your Membership, you will have access to your Dashboard where you can where you can manage your received Bitcoin Gifts and other Member Options.

Pro Member Gifts are peer-to-peer, they are sent directly to your GiftaCoin Wallet whenever a new member upgrades their membership.

Withdrawing your Bitcoin is a standard process, put in your receiver wallet and send. No admin approval is needed.

While GiftaCoin is free to join, any Members that join using your referral link and decides to upgrade to Pro Membership, their Membership upgrade Gift will be shared with you and up to 4 other Members resulting in you being positioned to receive Bitcoin Gifts to grow your bitcoin holdings faster . There is no limit to amount of members you may invite, the more that are invited the faster you may your bitcoin holdings. Our Pro Member Gifts will help you grow your Bitcoin balance even faster!

GiftaCoin is not a law firm or tax service, we think that even though the GiftaCoin Train is a Peer to Peer Gifting platform environment individuals should do independent research on topics like Tax Law. Here’s a public article (Gift Tax Law) that speak to the laws pertaining to receiving gifts in the USA. If you are located outside of the USA please research the laws that affect you. It is each member responsibility to know and understand the laws pertaining to receiving gifts. Also, Google or YouTube tend to be great sources for information.

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